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Who to trust?

We have been informed today that FPSL are contacting Fractional Owners to ask for more fees, this time for services for the year 2024. We have seen a copy of the demand, and it makes lots of threats and accusations.

This must be so confusing and upsetting.

While we disagree with much of what these letters say, it is clear that it must be very very difficult for any Owners to know who to believe and what to do. We do not want to add to your anger or confusion. So, rather than involve you in complicated claim and counter-claim, we have one simple message:

while the High Court case against FPSL and its associates continues, please do not pay anything to anyone.

Do not pay any money to FPSL, FPS, David Hannah, Nick Hannah, Sua Casa (who never ask for money), TRG, or anyone else. If it is subsequently clear that you do need to make payments, this will be MUCH easier than you trying to get money back that you have sent to the wrong place.

So our message is the same as it has been for the last 18 months - please hold onto your cash.

If you cannot trust anyone, then we suggest wait for the ruling in the High Court before agreeing to pay anything to anyone. It seems that the only definitive answer will be provided by the legal case..

TRG will always recognise you as the Owner and will not pay any of your rental income anyone until we can be sure it will reach the right people.

In the meantime, you should be receiving the latest Rental Income statements from us up to the 30th June 2023. The instruction to our mail service provider has been sent and these should be landing in your inbox imminently.

We are again sorry for the distress and confusion.

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