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They check in - we check up - you cash cheques

As an owner in an operating resort in Cape Verde, the day to day responsibility for getting paying guests in your room has been allocated to The Resort Group under your Rental Agreement.  You should expect us to be providing you updates on the income your property has achieved and how those proceeds will make their way to you.  We will send you regular updates on your Rental Statement directly, and your Pension Provider if you have nominated one.  You can request an update on the rental performance at any time.  Just click below.

If you feel you are not getting these updates and wish to check we have the correct contact details for you, please do get in touch.

If you wish to recommend rental of your room to people yourself, you can do that.  While your Agreement does not allow you to undercut the current Operator, if you recommend a booking directly yourself with our team, then you will receive a greater proportion of the income from their stay - so do feel free to engage in the Referral Programme.

Finally, we will keep an eye on the Rental Agreement that you have and where this approaches it's time for renewal or renegotiation, we will be in touch to help you explore your options.

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