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Intelligent valuation of your ownership to help you make choices

You might be considering your options, and you need to know where you stand right now.  At Sua Casa we take an intelligent approach to valuation based on your needs.  And remember, value is different to different people.  So when people ask us to value their ownership, we do that based on a number of metrics to help people evaluate their options:

Property  We work with local property specialists to understand the property market value of the underlying bricks and mortar.

Income  Next we look at the costs and revenues from ownership to establish an income-based valuation of the asset.

Benefit Of course you could just use the property for holidays.  We provide a value of the rights-of-use that come with your ownership to see if that is an option.

Liquidation Finally we look at simple exit strategies for you and your property which might give you a quick exit.  For example removing your ownership from a pension wrapper or seeking a rapid or conditional sale.  There are a range of options.

Sua Casa is not a RICS valuer or a Financial Advisor and while we are engaged by TRG, we do engage and work with independent professionals to provide these services for which there may be an additional charge.   If you would like a no-obligation quote for our valuation assessment then click the button below.

We also work with a number of groups who seek to buy interests in resorts, including those at TRG, so we may be able to provide both a valuation and an offer for you to consider. 

Property Appraisals: Welcome
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