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Legal Support


Free UK Legal Advice for all TRG Property Owners via Sua Casa

We are not lawyers!

But we think it is important that you get the right advice.  So we have teamed up with a UK-based law firm who provide initial free, no obligation advice for our owners when they feel they need it.

So if you have someone chasing you for money, or if you are concerned about the way you have been treated, get in touch and get a legal assessment of your situation from a UK law firm.

Your details will be passed to a UK-based, SRA regulated law firm and you will have to agree an engagement directly with them before they can provide you full legal advice.   However, we have negotiated preferential terms so you will not be charged for any initial advice you receive.

We can also speed up the process by accessing your ownership documentation to help you brief your lawyer fully.

To receive full details, click below

Legal: Welcome
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