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Updated Contact Details for Mr. Hannah

A few Members have reported that they have been getting 'out of office' messages and suggestions that Mr. Hannah has resigned.

For those who don't know, Mr Hannah is the Director who has day-to-day control of the LBG Companies that own many of the properties that have been 'fractionalised' so that ownership can be shared. (see our Blog which may help clarify).

Actually each Fractional Company has 4 directors, but as well as Mr Hannah directly, there are 2 other Corporate Directors called TRGD1 and TRGD2, and these are both controlled by Mr. Hannah, so it was obviously some concern that Mr. Hannah may no longer be working. Fears were exacerbated to read on his company website that "Mr Hannah who has been a long-term sufferer of ME has been advised to cease working to concentrate on his health and wellbeing."

Fortunately, we have heard from Mr. Hannah today suggesting that he is continuing to support Fractional Members, but he has asked that if you need to send any messages to him and the LBG Companies that you do so by e-mailing He has confirmed that e-mails to this address will count for any formal notice to be sent to the Fractional Companies.

For those who prefer the post, letters can still be sent to Mr. Hannah at:

Mr. Hannah


(Company Name)

Milestone House

18, Nursery Court

Kibworth Harcourt



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