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Trading update as we approach the New Year

Christmas is a busy time for everyone. Please see the an excerpt from Charlie King's recent trading report..

November and December have brought about a significant change in the The Resort Group’s fortunes with the onset of the new Long-Term Agreements from TUI and Nordic Leisure Travel Group. From an average of 37% combined occupancy across all resorts from April to September 2023, we have hit over 76% occupancy for November with continued growth in December.

This is despite having over 400 rooms out of use as we transform the existing Sol Dunas resort into a new TUI SUNEO branded hotel for early next year and the guarantee of over 80% occupancy for Suneo from next May. With this major refurbishment project, we are only able to maintain around 35% occupancy for Sol Dunas. However, this is being mitigated by high numbers for all other resorts. Indeed, Melia Llana and TUI Blue resorts are now already respectively 93% and 90% booked for the next two months.

Our role is to try to maximise the use of the properties and the investment in the upgrade of rooms to SUNEO as well as the implementation of long term agreements is very much part of our role.

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Great - so us Dunas owners face even LESS money coming in. I take it you won't be taking any management costs out because - if it's shut down, there are no management costs!?


Ian Scott
Ian Scott
Jan 05

Happy New Year to everyone has anyone hurd anything about wt is happy with this investigation against these companies that have ripped us all off.


When are we going to paid correctly and on Time you bloody crooks


Never is the word you’re looking for.


When can I expect a rental return from my investment

Replying to

Probably like my dad used to always say to questions like that “When Nelson gets his eye back”

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