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Tortuga Statements Out

Rental Statements for the period ending 30th June 2023 have now been sent to Owners on the Tortuga Resort.

If you have a Tortuga Ownership and receive your statements electronically you should have already received them. If you receive them by post, they are on the way and may even be dropping through letter boxes from this morning.

The numbers have also been finalised for Dunas and Llana Owners to the 30th June 2023. The Statements are sent out by a mailing contractor and they will be sending Dunas Statements next, shortly followed by Llana Statements

As well as being the most up to date statements TRG has ever produced, they have been audited and even take into account some corrections from previous periods. Don't worry, in almost every case where there is an adjustment it has improved the position.

The Statements are in a slightly improved format and come with a detailed covering letter which includes some actions that some Owners may wish to take, so please take the time to read them carefully when they arrive.

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