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Tortuga Statements

Dunas and Llana Resort Owners will have already received one or two statements since the hotels opened earlier last year, and should be expecting their next statements in the next few weeks.

Tortuga did not fully open until October of 2022, and so is just coming towards the end of its first operating quarter. This means that our partners at Melia will soon start the work to compile the performance data for each room and we look forward to sharing those results by April of 2023. Once we have these statements circulated we will finally be back on the full schedule of quarterly statements for all 3 operating resorts. You've been so patient, but we can start to get things back to something resembling normality.

All Owners will be pleased to learn that we have had good occupancy in November and December of 2022, and when the reporting catches up with that period we will all have a much better sense of where the hotels and rental programmes are at.

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