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Tortuga Quarterly Statements

We are pleased to announce that the latest statements for Fractional Owners in the Tortuga Beach Resort for the period to 30th September 2023 have now been sent.

These new statements are a little different in that they have been sent to the Directors of the UK Company responsible for managing your property. Those Directors will then have to consider any legitimate costs for running the Company before being able to account to each individual Fractional Owner (or Member) for their share of the Company income or assets. You should contact the Directors of your LBG Company directly for more information. Please note that these Directors are NOT part of TRG. They can be reached either at:

If you do not receive a satisfactory response from them, then please do e-mail and we will try to help.

There are only a small number - 9 - properties on the Tortuga Resort that are involved in the Fractional structure. One of these - Tortuga Beach Resort Apartment 111/16 Limited - has now completed its conversion to a new arrangement and therefore its Members have been receiving income for almost 1 year now. The Owners of this property received their payments for this reporting period last October and so are not affected by these recent statements.

Owners in the Llana and Dunas Resorts will be pleased to learn that their Statements should be distributed in the next 10 days, and will be passed on to the Directors of the LBG Companies in the same way.

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When will l know if money has been paid to my account

Replying to

Your LBG Companies are now controlled by TRG Founder Memberships Holdings Limited - they have provided answers here:

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