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Thank you for getting involved

OK, so the picture of money got your attention!

However, we wanted to thank you for getting involved in the Sua Casa service. Today we passed the 500 Members barrier.

Members have access to all the blogs, can leave comments and can speak with each other as well as the Sua Casa team. They are the actively engaged in what we are trying to achieve.

To give you some context, we have provided over 1,500 Owners with income assessments and other practical support, and we have communicated with nearly 4,500 Owners (or their representatives).

Every day our team gets messages of thanks from those we have been able to help, for which we are always grateful. We know we upset a few, and we know that for some of you we can't give you the answers you would want to hear. However, we are always straight with you and always give you the good and bad news in a way that most people can understand.

Oh yes, and we have helped a number of you recover some of your money - about €3m so far. So the money is relevant!

So if you have not yet joined as a Member - why not?

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