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We recognise that for for the past nearly 2 years there has been much confusion regarding the administration and communication related to fractional ownership. This has not only been difficult for you as Owners, but also for TRG in getting clear messages out and organising accurate statements and payments.

Today we can report that one blockage has been at least temporarily removed. Over the weekend TRG was informed that the Companies (LBGs) dealing with the Fractional Ownerships in Llana and Dunas have suspended the involvement of Fractional Property Solutions Limited (FPSL) and their suncontractors - FPS Corporate Services.

This action was taken by the Board of Directors of the Companies - not by TRG - but does make things a little simpler.

This means that you can (for the time being) ignore any communications from:

Fractional Property Solutions

FPS Corporate Services

As we have advised, please ignore any demands for payment as they are not providing services for the moment. If you have paid the fees requested by them for 2024 you should feel free to contact them directly and request a refund.

If you have any questions or actions relating to your Membership, you can contact us at and you can also contact

There are a small number of Fractional Members in the Tortuga resort who were not involved in this change, and we will; seek clarification for them from the Directors of those Companies.

We should make it clear that the Companies have told us that this is NOT any confirmation of wrongdoing by FPSL and FPS Corporate Services (or their Directors), and that should an ongoing investigation show that they have been operating correctly, there remains the potential that appropriate services from FPSL and FPS Corporate Services could be reinstated in the future.

We all also be looking now to seek how we can co-operate with the Companies so that we can start to organise statements for the LBG Companies and where funds are owed, payments.

We expect a further update later this week

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