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Dunas Statements Out Now

The latest set of Dunas Owners' Statements have been sent out - covering the period between the 1st February and 30th April 2022.

We understand that there is always frustration at the amount of time this takes, but the preparation of these numbers requires detailed reports and auditing by TRG and also by Melia and others to make sure the costs and income are correctly allocated to each property.

The period for these statements still relates to the period when international travel was subject to delays, cancellations and other issues. It therefore does not reflect the occupancy of the summer and autumn. The latter of these is traditionally stronger and we have seem figures getting back towards normal for those periods.

If you have not received your statement and you are a Dunas Owner, then feel free to ask via the website and we will send you a copy. It might be a good opportunity to check we have the correct e-mail address for you on file too.

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