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Demands from FPSL

We have been receiving more complaints from Owners who have been receiving repeated requests for payment made by Fractional Property Solutions Limited.

FPSL is run by Nick Hannah, and while he and his brother (David Hannah) have provided written responses accepting that there is no contractual or legal obligation to pay these fees, they do keep chasing people. The legitimacy of these fees are the subject of a High Court Action in the UK and it is strongly advised that unless and until the Court rules that these fees are being asked legitimately that you do not pay any fees to anyone.

We are aware of counter-claims made by Mr. Hannah, and we understand that these are confusing and worrying. Until the Court concludes, all we can say is DO NOT PAY ANYONE any fees - including TRG.

If anyone contacts you asking for fees to be paid in connection with Fractional Ownership then please take great care. As we have repeatedly stated, TRG and Sua Casa will not ask you for any payments. If anyone pretending to represent TRG asks you for fees please report it to us here.

For more background on the tactics of the people involved, please take a look at:

Everyone at TRG regrets having engaged Nick Hannah and his associates many years ago, but any relationship was severed in late 2018 shortly after this article and is is taking a huge amount of effort, time, cost and energy to eliminate the consequential problems.

We know that you want some positive news that things will start to improve, rather than the repeated concerns, claims and counterclaims. Things are improving for some Owners already. The number of Owners receiving income payments with cash being sent has doubled over the past month. Those who responded wishing to be prioritised in the programme to accelerate income payments are now being prioritised for the next batch. We know it is a long tough road, but as some will now testify, we are getting there. We look forward too adding to the number who are getting returns each month as we go forward.

Thank you again for your continued patience - and please be careful.

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