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Sua Casa is the brand for the team charged with managing communications and support for owners of TRG rooms, villas and properties in Cape Verde.  We are here to help you understand how the rooms are rented and maintained and also to provide the information you need to make decisions about your options going forwards.  We are an on-line only resource to you, the owners.

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Signing a Contract

Maximising the revenue

Ensuring your property is fully occupied, minimising any un-necessary costs and returning the proceeds to you.  Helping you to understand how your property is performing, and always looking for ways to improve.

Modern Villa

Looking after your property

Making sure your property is well maintained, always clean and that your guests always get a great experience, while protecting the value of the bricks and mortar.

Financial Report

Accurate value assessment

Helping your future decision making process by helping you find a valuation of your property, supported by independent and recognised experts

Contract Review

Giving you cost effective access to legal advice

Access to SRA regulated UK legal advice on your ownership, rental and other matters specific to your situation.

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Enjoying your property

If you own a place in the sun, you and your friends might as well get some sand between your toes!  We will help you navigate the contracts so that you, your friends and family can feel the sun on your backs more often.

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Keeping you in the know

Up to date information on your property, your resort, your island, and the world of travel and tourism.

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We've only just started but already we are making a difference

Larissa and her team cut over £2,000 from my costs of ownership meaning that as rental income starts again I'll be getting to keep more of my money.  Obrigado!


Thanks so much.  I now finally feel like I have someone on my side who explains my options in a way I can understand.  It really helps me deal with my SIPP provider better.


Thanks so much for explaining.  I now feel like I have some real information.  It's a relief to know things are opening up again.


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Thanks for submitting!

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