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Tortuga Beach Resort and Spa Re-Opening

We are pleased to announce that Tortuga Beach Resort and Spa is re-opening in October.

We are so far encouraged by the levels of bookings for the resort from through the winter season.

One important development that will help to boost occupancy, is the successful conclusion of negotiations with the Dutch tour operator Caradon Tours. This will provide some additional guaranteed bookings for the winter season and brings a welcome new partner to Cape Verde. Initially operating one flight a week from the Netherlands we are confident this is a relationship that will build for the future.

Work has progressed throughout the past months in preparing Tortuga. This includes a complete repainting of each condominium block and the central hotel area as well as intensive works on all areas of landscaping. There is certainly more to complete over the next few weeks but the whole resort is looking very much back to its former beauty and ready to welcome guests and owners.

A special thank you to those Owners who paid their management fees through the closed period - without your support there was a very real possibility that this that this day would not have come. Those Owners who have yet to bring management fees up to date will find that their fees and penalties will be deducted from rental income in future.

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