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Newsletter from Rob Jarrett

Please find attached a copy of the October Newsletter released by Mr. Jarrett to all property owners this month. You may have received this directly but it is attached here for those who missed it.

The Resort Group October 23 E-Newsletter v2
Download PDF • 689KB

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Maybe TUI could help us get our investment money back by buying all these units up and reimbursing the countless people ripped off by these scamming, toxic, low life leaches whos' parents must have been cockroaches.


same old rhetoric Mr Jarrett, I have seen no returns on my investment since before the Covid pandemic.

you have taken you investors for fools


An absolute scam Iam losing money from my investment every month. Nobody will buy it. Very worrying


Since more than one year, I try to sell my Llana duplex with help from TRG at a very low price . No any reaction. No investment returns. How can you explain, Mr Jarret ? Best Regards

Yves Karels



Biggest scam ever !!! Sooner I get my compensation and get rid the better !!!!😡

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