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Independent Valuations

Since we launched the Sua Casa service, we have provided over 1,250 assessments of the value of cashflows for Owners. However, we accept that as part of TRG, we cannot be regarded as independent.

A number of Owners have been asking for an independent valuation of their fractional ownership. Some need it as part of their management of pensions and others are seeking it as part of a potential sale. We have been looking for a firm who has experience in this sector to suggest to Owners. We have identified BroadLeaf as a such a provider. We have seen evidence that they have provided valuations on hundreds of similar assets and are relied upon by regulated pension providers and corporate auditors. While they normally only provide these services to other corporate clients, they have agreed to offer their expertise to individuals too.

You can see more about their service at the following link:

Please be aware that TRG is in no way linked to BroadLeaf and that TRG does not receive any revenue or income from BroadLeaf of any nature. Those engaging BroadLeaf to complete a valuation report will be asked to consent to allow TRG to share information with BroadLeaf to allow a valuation to take place.

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You keep sending us shit information

What you send us you have to oay for

Don't you lot think we have paid enough

You have hundreds maybe thousands on hear who are absolutely sick of the shit you send out

If its not a company that can help (and they can't bythe way unless you pay) or your statement is in the post

Why don't you all agree that the biggest con scam has ruined and I mean ruined people's lives, why don't you send us information about a company who will give us all a half sensible price for the amounts of money you have taken nicked conned scammed out of us all

You are an absolute joke company.


My claim has now gone to the pensions ombudsman and so far, even they are clearly frightened and have rejected it. Who is running this scam, the bleeding Mafia !!! Seriously fuming 😡


Ian Winspear
Ian Winspear

I don't see the point in paying for a valuation for something that you can never sell on. Let's face it we have all lost whatever we 'invested' and will never see a penny returned. FSCS weren't willing to process my claim despite one of the firms involved in this scam being regulated by the FCA (two if you consider the pension provider who authorised the the transfer of funds to TRG).

TRG kindly advise that you can surrender your assets for free but won't receive a penny for your troubles. I, like many others, feel truly sickened by these scammers but don't know were to turn for recompense. These villains have ruined so many peoples retirement plans and menta…



To all those who have viewed "Independent Valuations" 454 to date?

Has anyone been in contact with "Broadleaf"

Can anyone update what the response has been ?????

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