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Haters gonna hate

Updated: Nov 20

As those of you who look at this blog will see, we get a fair amount of criticism at TRG. Some would say deserved.

However, we wanted to take a moment to thank those who work with us to actually turn things round and achieve positive results.

We realise most of those who work with us don't blog on here but they do send us regular direct messages, which we really appreciate.

For example, this morning we got a note from Mr & Mrs X who now get their regular monthly income having worked hard to get their fractional structure amended.

So just a quick 'thank you' to those more silent Owners who work with us, appreciate the effort and get results. We know we can and need to do better for more of the Owners, and we are working to achieve that. Getting these messages keeps the team motivated, and shake off the brickbats.

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Please find attached a copy of the October Newsletter released by Mr. Jarrett to all property owners this month. You may have received this directly but it is attached here for those who missed it.

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