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Dunas Statements

With apologies for the delay, we are pleased to announce that the next quarter statements for Dunas Owners are due to be put in the post (or sent on e-mail) this week.

The delay has been partly caused by some debate with the Government of Cape Verde around the application of withholding tax - see our related blog post on this specifically.

The statements refer to the post-covid summer period which is low season for Cape Verde, and was still a period in which the resorts were gradually opening up as our tour-operator partners began to get to grips with the return of international travel and tourism. This means that the occupancy for that period was lower than some might expect.

Charlie King, COO of TRG, reports that 2023 heading into 2024 is looking much stronger and is particularly excited about the winter season of 2023/24. Please see the link below for news of added tourism to Cape Verde from TUI.

Thank you again for your patience.

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Just saw this online today - how I didn't laugh!


I get statements

Nothing going in but charges going out.. Nightmare! This is the worst thing I've ever done .


What statement I’ve never seen a statement yet in 10 years

Replying to

Dear Mr. Goldie. You received a statement on the 3rd November 2022 direct to your inbox which you confirmed at the time, and have now been sent another for the following quarter. This is in addition to your compensation for this asset nearly 5 years ago. Regards. Sua Casa Team.

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