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Tortuga Beach Resort and Spa will open from the 15th September 2022!

After an extended period of closure throughout the COVID pandemic and continuing through this year as international travel has continued to be disrupted, TRG are announcing the re-opening of Tortuga Resort. An initial opening date of 15th September has been scheduled to prepare for what is anticipated to be very strong levels of occupancy from October onward.

The preparations are being made this month, with landscaping work already transforming the look into that lush green tropical feel that has always been the trademark of Tortuga. We are in discussion with TUI on how to make the most of the unique character of this resort as a family friendly, relaxed and welcoming destination, with potentially some styling changes in spring 2023.

In the meantime, refurbishment is fully underway and in fact nearing completion ready for those guests to come back from next month.

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