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Warning - please be alert

We have seen the following alert being circulated by AllTrust and wanted to make sure as many people as possible see this.

"We have been made aware of attempts by scammers to defraud members of the public who hold TRG assets, including those who hold their assets within a pension.

The scammers make contact saying that they have buyers lined up to purchase the asset and offer a very attractive amount of money. When they get interest, they say that there will be some up-front costs, such as taxes and solicitors fees, which you will need to pay first in order to complete the deal. They promise documents will then be signed and the money sent on.

In this case, the firm who made contact were Dixon Collins, a firm based in Malaysia, who said there was a firm in China who would purchase the property (however the scammers may use different names or countries eg Euro Resales Limited, As is usual with these types of fraud, there is no further contact once the money is paid, and frequently, that money will be lost. This is known as a Payment in Advance scam."

Just to reinforce our message to you. We are aware of no circumstances in which TRG Owners should be asked to pay any funds for any reason as a consequence of holding TRG assets.

- If you sell a Fraction (and a number have) then all costs for the transaction should be taken from the sale proceeds.

- TRG are not asking for BRM fees or other fees up front and have not done so since May 2022.

- Our advice is that Members have no obligation to pay 'fractional fees'. These are subject to legal review and should not be paid until this process is complete.

If you are asked to pay any money related to TRG ownership then please treat this request with suspicion and double check. You can contact Sua Casa if you are in any doubt at

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