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As we continue to get the Llana and Dunas Resorts up and running we are delighted to report that in December we had more than 40,000 bed-nights of occupancy. To give you some context, the maximum possible for the Resorts is approximately 120,000 per month (although that would be every single bed slept on every night which is not practically possible). In a really well performing month pre-pandemic the Resorts might hit 90,000 bed nights. So while it is still not back to where we were in 2019, it is great to see the Resorts getting some use.

With Tortuga not currently operational and Dunas and Llana operating restricted capacity, it is taking some time to correctly allocate costs and revenues fairly to the rooms from these periods, but we are working on it with Melia at the moment and we hope to have updated statements of account in Q2 of 2022.

In the meantime, as we roll out the Sua Casa service we have had high demand for information. We have a few hundred statements and property value tables for Owners who have enquired and we are pulling these together as quickly as we can. Our apologies for the time it is taking but initial demand is very high.

Lastly, thank you to all of you who have been in touch to express your support. We are pleased that so many are welcoming the service. We have had 2 Owners ask not to be contacted because they imagined Sua Casa was some form of scam. So, please note that Sua Casa will never ask for payment directly or bank details - please DO NOT send your bank details to us. We are a TRG funded service. If anyone claiming to be Sua Casa asks directly for payment then please refuse and feel free to report the incident to us directly via the website.

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Hi Larrissa,

Thanks for your prompt reply as I can guess you are very busy.

I do get your emails I think but they were generic in that they said that "Some" properties were now back in the rental scheme. I have not had anything to say whether my property is or isnt receiving any funds.

For reference

my email is

Many thanks



Hi Guys,I have asked 3 times now if my apartment is being rented out through the rental scheme. Can someone let me know please



Replying to

Morning Gary. We sent you e-mails in response to your questions on the 31st Jan, 2md feb, 3rd Feb, and 3rd March. Is it possible you are not receiving these messages? We will reply directly again (in a non-public space) on your Ownership

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