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Urgent - Do Not Pay

We have been receiving a number of communications from Fractional Owners telling us that they have received repeated demands for payment from Fractional Property Solutions Limited for "fractional services". We have previously advised you that you should think very carefully before paying these. We now need to strengthen that advice.

Today we received a communication directly from one of the Directors of the LBG Companies confirming that "there is no contractual basis" for Members to be charged these fees. This means that you cannot be charged or threatened with late fees or penalties. He has asked for our help in getting out the message that Members should not pay any money directly to FPS Corporate Services or FPSL at the current time. We have seen documents that show that the Directors of FPS Corporate Services know this to be true.

We need to make it clear that Fractional Property Solutions, FPS Corporate Services are not engaged by or part of TRG.

We have also been asked that anyone receiving a demand or letter for payment from FPS Corporate Services or FPSL should send us a copy of that request. You can e-mail it to us at We understand that matters are in hand to prevent these repeated requests and we have agreed to co-operate with this, so any supporting evidence you can provide us will be handed over to those dealing directly with FPSL and FPS.

Furthermore, we received a request from a Director of FPSL to not pay Rental Income to Owners but instead pay it only directly to the LBG Companies. We have asked for clarification on this from the Directors of the LBG Companies which we have yet to receive. Please rest assured we have not agreed to this request and have not sent Owner Income to anyone else while this is resolved.

We have made it clear that since May of 2022, all TRG-related costs including Beach Resort Management Fees will be collected from Rental Income as it picks up and Owners should not be faced with further direct charges.

We have put this message out to you quickly as requested. We will be considering how we might further respond to this and get back to you as soon as we can.

We are sorry if this is worrying and we will communicate further on this soon. We must apologies if we are slow to respond to individual communications but we are getting a surge in messages which is overwhelming our team. We will get through the messages and respond as quickly as we can.

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